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Helen Spiegelhalter

Helen Spiegelhalter 2.jpg

Jewelry Designer

The Label Atelier Miroir freshly opened its doors in 2023 focusing on modern, bold designs manufactured in Germany.

Precious Jewelry for every day or the special occasion.


The founder Helen Spiegelhalter startet her journey as a Jewelry Designer by learning and understanding the fundamental knowledge of craftsmanship at the Goldsmithing / Watchmaking School in Pforzheim, following two years of work at the Workshop and Galerie - Tam Uekermann in Cologne. Since she always had a bigger

interest in design, she wanted to work creatively and more conceptional and decided to study Jewelry and Object Design at the Hochschule Pforzheim. 


NOVE / Janina Waschkowski / Berlin

BRUTAL BODIES / Lisa Banholzer / Frankfurt

BASTARD COLLECTION / Ingrid Römmich-Werner / Pforzheim

EATRENALIN / Europa Park / Rust


SALONE DEL MOBILE / Mailand / 2017

DUTCH DESIGN WEEK / Eindhooven / 2018

BTW Gallery / London / 2023

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